22 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 (er...Year of the Snake)

The problem with being so busy is that so many things happen which are totally bloggable, and yet, time runs right out the door and I find myself sleeping trying to sleep in my bed, leaving blogging to another day...ya know, when there's more energy to be had.

Here's proof that February and all the punch it brings each year in it's meager 28 days has brought it big time once again. The man I live with is just so ridiculously talented. He's good at everything he tries to do. Bleh. Guitar- "Oh let's give it a couple months and see how I do... Oh look it's easy and I'm incredibly good at it!" (I really AM impressed at this despite my jealousy... seeing as how I spent a decade of my life on a piano and have NOTHING to show for it. I can't even play both hands on "Chopsticks"...just the right hand part..and he is NOT braggy about his talents, so I do it for him.) ANYWAY.

His recent delving has been into the world of photography. We bought a fancy schmancy camera a few months ago and he is already doing fancy schmancy things with it like make the video below.

And while Chinese New Year started a couple of weeks ago, please be reassured that this video is still representative of the fireworks display that is occurring even now as I type at 9:16pm 12 days after this video was recorded. It is current. And just one of the many things we've been up to this month.

CNY (stay with me now, you need to know that acronym) brings it big time with the fireworks. These people invented fireworks and I can assure you they know how to use them. July 4th is left in the dust in that we ONLY shoot them off one night and the kind they set off here 25 feet in front of houses are usually sanctioned by city officials and regulated at that size in the US. Disney World and Thunder can maaaybe say they've got some kind of street cred because of the music and the sheer volume of the bang, but know this, my fellow Americans, Chinese New Year OWNS fireworks and you will go down (or rather stay up due to their loudness, for approximately 3 weeks each year) if you think you can fight them or stop them. The ones in this video are just your "common" run-of-the-mill neighborhood fireworks.

All that's left to do is to set up the tent (for a comfy spot and a minor protection from flaming debris falling on your head) and take the boys out at midnight, especially on that first night.  They won't sleep. Embrace it. Applaud this race of people and their incredible contribution to the world. Let them wow you with their completely wonderful and magical (and as it were, illegal, in this country) fireworks display.

Chinese New Year 2013 from Anthony Rivers on Vimeo.