There's a story my mom tells about a dark-headed little preschooler who, unsupervised,  made some awesome "spider rings" out of construction paper, scissors, and glue(tape?) way back in the day. Though I don't remember doing this, I've seen the pictorial proof. My Mama don't lie.

I love creating and crafting and can't remember not loving it. I am limited only by access to materials (Malaysia tries, but there's just no Hobby Lobby or Micheal's here!), money, tools (which cost money), and the busyness that comes with 4 small children at home. I still manage to eek out a few projects and am wondering where Pinterest was all my life!

If you are inspired by any crafts you see on the blog, please- hear me y'all - PLEASE let me know what you create. Comment, email, pin, link to your version of a project. I love pictures. I wanna see!

When I blog about a project I will put the link here for easy project indexing.

Pallet Art 
Christmas Quilt
Monster Tooth Pillows

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  1. She made a crown for herself after that, too!! Perhaps a little foreshadowing of a watermelon queen or perhaps a craft queen!!