To say we are "fans" of adoption or even that adoption has changed our lives, would be understating things. Adoption HAS changed our lives but not just our lives, but our friends and family's lives, our grandchildren's, great-grandchildren's, and so on. We brought Isaiah home when he was 4 days old in 2009 and Ira came home to be a Rivers the day he was born in 2015. 

The story of redemption written in the heavens when God came down and became man, something very "unnatural" for him, all with the plan to bring people who did not belong in his family into his family, is unfathomable. God became man so man could be redeemed and then be with God. In relationship, forever. THAT is adoption. And this incredible act performed by God "our Father" to bring us into his family forever is an act that we believe the bible teaches we should replicate (in the best of our human abilities) here on earth.  One very practical way is parents seeking out children who need a family, bringing them home and raising them as sons and daughters.

We hope and pray that many of you will learn more about adoption from following our family here in blogland, and that you'll be moved to take action, to do something! anything! to care for the world's orphans and children in crisis.

Also, if you happen to be in Florida go here to check out the adoption agency we used to assist with Isaiah's adoption and who helped us with Ira's as well. They do MORE than just adoptions. Lots more. We highly recommend them. If you're looking for a private adoption attorney, Ashley Filimon in Orlando helped us with Ira's as well. If you want to look into adoption but the cost of private adoption intimidates you, check out the waiting-child lists for your local State Children's Services in the US. Kids needing homes, you having one, and all for free (sometimes even better than free as some States- like Florida- offer college tuition for kids adopted through "the system.") Living overseas but don't know where to start? Randy Barlow is a great place to start as you will need someone to be able to do a homestudy for you if you will be living overseas while you adopt.

The world is full of need and we pray you find a way to lean in and turn those who are needy into family!

Bethany Christian Services of Orlando

Ashley Filimon, P.A.

Heartland for Children Gallery
A waiting children list for kids in "the system" in just a few counties in Central Florida. There are galleries like this for most places in the US

Randy Barlow, Adoption Professionals Abroad

Isaac's sidewalk chalk reaction as we were rushing out to go to the hospital when Ira was born.

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