15 October 2013

Never Two Late for Birthday Pics

Our "Special Rivers of the Day"
 Mark it down y'all.

We lasted approximately 9 days before having to use the, "We'll be 15 minutes late. Getting four kids out the door isn't easy!" excuse.

Anthony said we're gonna have to go easy on that one or it won't draw the sympathy you hope for in a good excuse. He's right.

Should I mention we were late for Immanuelle's birthday party?

As in, we invited some friends out for pizza and cake, gave them a time to show up, then failed to arrive on time ourselves. 


However, the friends we invited all have small children and they were all running late too.  Probably scrambling to Toys 'R us for a gift because I had given them less than a day's notice about the party. (and specifically told them not to get gifts) The one family with 'big' kids showed up on time and got us all a table.

Not gonna lie, it was nice not to be judged on our first outing as "6" and instead get sympathy and even some mildly-impressed raised eyebrows because that day, Saturday, was her ACTUAL birthday.

This picture is included so I could bring up the fact that we "did what we could" to document the evening, but the flash had to be used (bleh) and NO editing was done to these. Like, not even red-eye reduction y'all. This gem here is how you take a photo of the back of everyone's head.
It was also nice when my friend Jenny laughed heartily when Ivy peed on me later in the evening while I changed her diaper on my lap.  She didn't even flinch y'all.

People with little people know about these things. 

Like when none of us blinked when Li and Jane's 2 year old son didn't quite make it to the bathroom and the incident went un-gawked at by, well, all of us....Good times, y'all.  Good times.

Our late start mostly happened because of the Pinterest "Ombre Petal Cake" I made for our Birthday Bird.  Y'all, I have no clue how to even SAY "ombre" but by-golly, my Ellie Bellie was getting a purple version.  It was literally melting as I put the icing on it.

It's funny how when folks make those tutorials they completely leave out the part about "if you live on the equator, consider applying the frosting in your air-conditioned bedroom. Or move, so Pinterest tutorials will never bug you again."

Equatorial Tutorial Caveats. Is that too much to ask, Pinterest?!

Moments to spare and praying that the sparkly glitter sugar on top would sorta hold the land-slide together, we dashed out the door.

Birdie giving the candles the stink-eye because they were hard to blow out.
We didn't even have to tell the big brothers to help her.
 We ate pizza, we sang, we ate cake, we opened gifts - which is NOT the Asian way...the polite Asian way is to save them for later...wouldn't want to open them and be disappointed and therefore shame the gift giver, but how can Hello Kitty and pretend plastic fruit ever bring shame? It can't!- the restaurant staff gave all the kids water sports bottles (?), and the background music the entire evening was a  pleasant mix of American classics.

Real men right here, y'all.
The closest thing I have to all of the kids in one photo.
For a party we decided to throw 24 hours before it was thrown, I'd call it a success!

Birdie Bye you are such a delight. You scare me a bit with how smart and socially capable you already are at just two years old.  I pray often for you about everything you can ever imagine a daughter would ever need prayer for. I pray too that your Daddy and I would have the wisdom to teach you and that you will listen. I hope you will grow to be as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside...those ringlets and big brown eyes will only get you so far!
We love you Immanuelle Marie!
Happy Birthday Sweet Love!


  1. If my presents had only been mailed in time they would have matched the theme! Happy Birthday Miss Bird, looks like you had a blast celebrating your special day. Sharon, no way anyone would be able to guess you just had a baby a little over a week ago - you look fabulous! And pretty darn good at getting the birthday blog up with 4 little ones....you guys are phenomenal :-) Love, Grandma

  2. Whatever - your "melty" cake looks better than any cake I've ever created for bday parties - here in the US!

  3. You. Are. Amazing!!!
    That is all.

  4. I'm still in awe of our "all 6 people with their heads turned" picture. I don't think I could have organized that if I tried. -Hubby