15 January 2014

Giveaway Winner!

Been waiting on pins and needles, is it?

Using the best detective skills I can muster, my guess is y'all forgot all about this little contest. (but it's ok! My feelings aren't hurt. You came back and are reading now!) 

...given the fact that no one ever asked me, "Sharon. Who the heck won that giveaway!?!"
...also given the way holidays go around here, I imagine yours are like ours...

And in your holiday ways you've had the likes of some doozies the last few weeks like:
(American) Thanksgiving
New Year's

And as we all know, that lovely Trifecta of year-end merry making has smatterings of parties, food, events, bonfires and more food to keep you well occupied beyond the likes of this blog.

Just after making you all sign up for the giveaway, we had Thanksgiving (on the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day).  As it goes, at an international school where only like 4 or 5 kids are American, there wasn't enough heft in the student body to declare a day off from school.

And you'd think this video would be enough to make our kids question why they had to go to school that day. But no such luck. Off they went and I'm pretty sure I had rice and curry and/or peanut butter and jelly that day.

Probably the REAL reason our kids didn't notice it going by is because Grandma came to visit and we had our Thanksgiving dinner the day she arrived.

Yes, you're correct if you think I just pulled the Grandma-excuse card for my lack of blogging. There is no trump.

Though this giveaway does not rank among the "dozens" of entries of some blogs, nor did it have the best "reveal" time, it DID prove that I have at least twice as many readers as I thought making the total around 12. (baby steps y'all) Which even a math dodo like myself can figure, you're odds of winning were much better because of it! Who can complain?

So. Without a moment's more delay....

The lovely Nicole D. is the winner!

Isaiah drew your name out of the back of a Lego Duplo Cement mixer. Quite dramatically.

Ok, maybe not dramatically.

Ok, maybe I had to tear him away from Disney Jr. for like half-a-second, force his hand into the cement mixer tub, and maybe he didn't even look at me when he handed me the paper.

That's neither here nor there.

The point is little Mr. Harrison (and any more siblings that follow him) is getting a toothmonster pillow! Even if I'm the only one around here excited about it! He's just now getting his teeth, but in a few years, it'll be quite handy dandy indeed.

As per Nicole's request, it's "gender neutral."  (Hope it's ok Nicole!)

AND since Nicole is my friend, I'm also sending her a Christmas Card from our family AND a Malaysia magnet to hold it onto her fridge with.

Congratulations Nicole!


  1. Seriously adorbs!! Did I sign up for this? I can't even remember.... totally bummed if I didn't. You rock and your monster pillow makes me hope Eden doesn't lose any teeth before I figure out how to make our family one!!