16 April 2014

The Gang's all here!

I've always been the type to just try and treat people as if we've never been apart when I see them for the first time in a long time. I give hugs. Smile genuinely. And chat. With some people this is easier than with others....but when it comes to a blog...what'd you do?

I'm tempted to give you a rundown of everything I haven't blogged about. And/or just skip it all and start with the fun morning I had in the yard with the kids today- it's Spring Break! 

But I think somewhere in the middle is where I'll land.

So here's my big smiley hug to you after not having seen you in a couple of months. Much is the same and if we get some time, I'll tell you about some of the stuff that's happened since I saw you last.



So. We're all still here!


So if these pictures don't convey it well enough, I've been busy taking family-selfie pics by waterfalls.  Kidding. Well. Not really, as there's actually one more from a couple days ago I didn't post. 

Oh, alright. One more.

Also since I was last here, I've started calling any "selfie"  type picture with more than one person an "Usie" {pr: "Us- EE"}   (note to self: don't be the one furthest down in the usie. Makes your face look big.)

Spread the word.


  1. YAY!!!!

    Looks like you are guaranteed a smile from Zaya if you dress him up as a strawberry!!!

  2. Y'all are such an adorable family, and I love it that you've managed to perfect the Usie of SIX people!! I can barely do two!

  3. Welcome back! Seeing these smiling faces made me smile... and prompted me to jump back on the blogging bandwagon myself. Thanks!