20 October 2016

Mainz, Germany (in a day)

Full-tilt Throwback Thursday.

December 2010 we were headed to Malaysia from Florida and our route was through Frankfurt, Germany.

These are cracking me up! Only two children and, ahem, before Anthony started running. These were also taken before we got our "big" camera. There is no "lack" however when I look at these. That was a fun day!

When travel itineraries hand you Europe, you make long layovers out of it.

We had never been to Europe so even just a few hours around the FREEZING cold streets of the lovely city of Mainz was worth it!

Other than being woefully underlayered for the chill, the public transportation was easy enough to figure out and the cheer of authentic German Christmas markets made our day out quite lovely.

This trip was actually when Anthony upped the interest on photography and video editing. He's come a long way, but here is a video we made of our last night in Florida with family and friends, our day in Germany, and landing back in Malaysia.

Going Back from Anthony Rivers on Vimeo.

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