28 January 2013

born with it

All three of my children are so very different. While children as a whole fall under the general categories of "Loud" and "Messy," when you get to know them for the tiny individuals they are, they'll amaze you with just how unique they are.

Immanuelle doesn't talk yet, but this one is already refusing to be overlooked because of her brothers' ability to be bigger than her, talk, and be noisier than her.

When we came back from our trip to America, Isaiah (the King of Naps around here), fell asleep in front of the tv due to his jet lag. Our rug, also, is so fluffy that it's easy to lose things in there, including your will to stay awake.

Though Ellie Bird knows (she totally knows) she's not allowed to get into the drawer of plastic cups and plates, I choose to believe that something deep, something she was born with, something she can't put in words yet, compelled her to act. She must have known how fantastic an idea it was and how opportune the moment. My quilting had my attention and finally after about the 4th time I heard little feet slapping by the door in haste and purpose, I followed the slaps...


  1. What goes through their heads? And we have those same Ikea plates. :)

  2. Hilarious.....I can't stop laughing!

  3. The Queen of Pranks. I can see it now. Can't wait to see what she pulls in the future!!