09 January 2013


I've thought about it for a couple of days. I had no clue what I might say for this very first post on my brand new blog. I wanted to impress, I wanted to encourage, I wanted to be funny, and then my brain got tired.

After dinner the boys called Anthony outside to take pictures of the house they had built. It was for a worm. Did you know you can blow on a worm when he's in his house and he's fine with it? True story.

Then I didn't realize it but my daughter Immanuelle went downstairs without me noticing her after her bath.

Maybe its because my 3 children have the ability to sound like 10 children and I tune them out sometimes. My skill level at this is probably above average. Her leaving my side, hauling an object half her size down the stairs and out the door didn't even make a blip on my mommy radar.

Trust me, don't judge me. Y'all woulda done the same thing. It was 6:50pm. Just 10 minutes before the boys come in from playing after dinner, 10 minutes before sunset, 10 minutes before the nightly call to prayer goes off, 10 minutes before bathtime and I had already bathed the baby (and you thought I was completely negligent) I got on facebook. {cue tuning out} People started responding almost immediately to my status of: "In one word, tell me how we met."  Don't you love it when that happens? The immediate response thing? Its like they cyber-care about me. I totally forgot the first place I ever met my mother-in-law was in a hospital!

Next thing I know, Anthony is standing beside me with the camera in one hand and a baby in wet pajamas in the other.  He put the baby down and showed me the pictures he'd just taken and 7pm greeted us in fantastic form with a good laugh.

And that's how my first blogpost came to be.

Welcome. We're glad to have you. Come on anytime for a visit.


  1. Love it, love it, love it. The post. The new blog. The cute kids. Yep, I'm excited for your new blog!

  2. I love the new blog and I hope it means more new posts!

  3. Hooray for a fun new blog... though thanks to you I'm not singing "Down by the Bay" in my head. :-)

  4. love it.....my gkids are so gosh darn smart (ok, and their parents). love the new blog....love you!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes. Book ruined. Apparently it didn't take long. Though if it says anything about the number of catastrophes we have in the house, Isaac got the book, found a towel, and wrapped the book in the towel trying to dry it out. The whole cover had nearly already come off. It was a cute book (and she obviously loved it) but we said goodbye to the 10 tiny tadpoles.

  6. So glad i found your new blog! looking forward to hanging out with you in cyberspace. :)