24 September 2014

Moving: The People

There's that whole other aspect of moving that is worse than the stuff.


Leaving people.

I raise my right hand and solemnly swear that the best part about any place is the people.
Anyone else ever miss the lady at Tesco who insists on holding your baby at every visit?
We LOVE our people.

All of them. The ones from near and far. The ones who've been there forever and stay and the ones who came quickly and leave quickly-er.

We make community readily and with open arms, knowing parts of it will be shorter lived than any of us like to admit.

 So the roots go deep because our hearts are ready and soft. Probably because of all the space in our hearts made by leaving home. Its not that "home" vanishes, its just that you can't quite feel it up close and personal.
So many things borrowed from this lady!
You know that person who rescues you each time at your hour of need? Like when you need a cake for your kid's birthday party? She totally acts like its no big deal.
It's tempting to harden up. Close-up shop and just stick to us. The pain of those deep roots being transplanted far out of cell phone range seems like a good enough excuse.

But then, if you do that, the opposite of loving your people is being lonely and isolated. 

Isolation is no bueno. You don't even have to live overseas or move every 2 to 3 years to know that.
People > Not people

Homesickness can be cured by people.

Bar none. 

I miss our people in Malaysia. 

Thanks to modern technology I vicariously celebrate over facebook about pregnancies, school starting again, people going out to eat at restaurants I love, and just in general scrolling through their faces and loving them without being able to hug them.

Its just kinda crazy how they helped make a place home and now I miss them just like I missed home before.

What treasures!
You may have noticed it's taken me a while **cough***3 months***cough** to get back to blogging. Honestly we've been busy doing tons of stuff with all our people who we love here. Luckily we didn't have to move from a place we loved to a new place this time. We got to come back to familiar faces. 

If not for these who have known us for years, there might be more gloom in this post. So I'm thankful for the ones who are just miles away instead of continents and oceans.

Because the continents and the oceans just seemed so big today.  I got an email from a dear friend- who has ALSO moved away from Malaysia, just days after we did- and I miss her right now.  No sushi lunch possible today.

And it's not just me and Anthony. The kids do too. Just because they don't blog, don't miss their hearts and the roots of others that grow there as well. 

Isaiah: "Dats Me and 'Sawah'" (Sarah)
 Today was just the day to write about moving and all the people moving moves into your hearts.
If you happen to be one of those people (whether your picture is on this post or not!) We love and miss you!

For the rest of y'all, the next post is about our awesome Vacay to the UK! Ok? Deal? Cross my heart it won't be 3 months from now!

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