02 October 2014

For your kind attention:

I realize for my  *ahem* worldwide readers that this one is for my local Florida homies. (but you can go here if you want to get in on the adoption fundraising help!)

Most of you who read this blog are good friends of ours and you already know that we are in the process of adopting again. Didn't know? Consider yourself informed!

We will be having our homestudy done next week and soon after Birth Mothers here in Florida will begin viewing our profile book. One of them will hopefully choose us... quickly!

The photo shoots begin November 1st and we could very well have a "i5" in our arms by then. (who needs a nap just thinking about newborn nights? This lady! ) But we may very well be waiting for a good long while. Either way, we want to have money ready to go!

We wanted to give you guys a small sampling of some of the photos Anthony has taken.

For the last 2 years he has been studying and practicing taking photographs and, in my ultra-humble, 100% completely unbiased opinion, he's fantastic.

Brilliant, y'all.

To the best of our ability and with complete lack of control of the weather or your child's behavior, we will do our best to give you quality photos that you'll be happy and proud to share in your home and with your friends and loved ones.

And the fact that you'll get the digital files?

Way. Awesome.

Photographers who do this full-time virtually never give out their files. If Anthony ever decides to do this professionally, he won't be giving them out either.

So. Now's your chance.

Photos of you and your Sweetie and all your Cuties.

Christmas cards galore.

'S tempting offer, ain't it?

And since our fifth and LAST cutie (cross my heart I'm serious about that!) is headed our way soon and if you haven't heard, adoption is expensive.

Yo soy no dinero. Comprende?

So. Here's a snippet of my man's skills:

People don't get much prettier than this family!

...and then there's us and ours...

...and not to spoil future blogposts or anything, but we went to Ecuador this summer...
Julia Roberts and her hubs.
Ecuadorian Charlie Sheen (aka Alex)
Ecuadorian Grandpa who is way adorable.
Mi padre, en Ecuador.

I hope you're becoming more confident in scheduling a time slot.
But because I love him and am enamored with him...here's a few more...

Ivy and a Florida sunset

Do we even need to explain why we want to adopt again? Geesh this kid.

Mr. Caleb, Senior.

We miss you Cha-leb, and the Starbucks in our neighborhood!

Hindu shrine worshipper. Great photo. Also this is to show that in case your kids find a paint can just before the shoot, he can work with it!

 The orange groves around our house needed to be mowed us to take pictures in them.

Ya get the drift?

Hope we can take some of your family soon!

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  1. Why oh why didn't you post this a few weeks ago? We totally would have taken you up on this offer while we were in Florida. :-)