30 September 2016

Five Children, One Bedroom

So... about me not ever updating the blog.

See, what had happened is that I'm so used to living here that I forget what is supposed to appeal to the outside world. What parts can and should I share?

Those are actually huge questions. So I can, and do, bury them under a pile of seven people's laundry.

Do you want to see pictures from our trip to Bali?
How bout the roti place we go to on Saturday mornings?
Do you even know what roti is? Would you care if I told you?

You get me? So. Sorry about the long pauses between posts.

Here's one I think you may find interesting:

We put all five of our children in one bedroom.

Ages 1 year through 8 years. Boys and girls. Same room.

I'm not saying it's revolutionary, but it does bring up an answer to an oft-asked question...

"How do you do it?" (I assume they mean raise 5 kids and keep my sanity)

At this point, the answer is, "Sleep is important." Its that simple.

If you can get children to sleep through the night, I'm convinced it would solve like 1000% of parenting anxieties...at least in parenting little ones.

And that's what we've got a whole lot of around here. Little people. They are fantastic and are also still young enough that seeing them sleeping in their beds is still the sweetest part of their fantasticness.

We start young at letting them learn to go back to sleep on their own. If you'd like details I can explain further if you leave a comment.

I realize there are many many deeply held beliefs about sleep. I live smack dab in the middle of a culture where kids sleeping in their own beds and not with parents or in parents' rooms is not the norm, I know the opposing views. I get told differing views.

I do not care.

Sleep is important. My sleep. Their sleep. Our sleep. Everyone's sleep.
Parenting is way easier when you get your Zzzz's. (do NOT look at the crooked pictures. It's a kids' room! Just be glad I got them to clean under their beds before taking the pictures and that we didn't zoom in on the boogers on the walls.)

For clarification, they are in the "master" bedroom in our house. We decided we didn't need the big room and that these last few years are the only chance we'd ever have if we wanted them to all share a room.

But I promise we still the masters round here.

Now on to the benefits that I wasn't expecting.

First, there's the shared responsibility of cleaning the room. They all help. Which is nice.
Then there's the extra guest bedroom that is always freed up. Also nice.

Only one air conditioner to run at night in a city with ridiculous electric prices. A plus. 

Bath time and bed time and getting ready times are a bit more contained because they're all in a central location. (I know. I want a matching rug in front of the wardrobes too. Tell that to the expensive import store that doubled the price when I went back to get the matching one!)

When we tuck them in at night they're all there together. Family prayers, reading aloud, and just being together one last time before sleep every night is a great conclusion to each day.

And lastly there has been so much sibling bonding. Mostly in the form of the older kids giving some sort of comfort to the younger ones. We've found them all in differing beds in the mornings and the reasons given are usually in the, "Birdie was scared." or "I was hot in my bed." or "Isaiah said I could sleep up there with him." Friendship and bargaining and comfort and living life together. It's quite adorable.

It's not all perfect and it won't keep forever. But I am so glad we've done it this way.


  1. They are just so darn cute. And yes, you may come in December and help me with my new house. You and Leigh can come together. I don't know if I trust you without and Ikea close by. ;)

  2. Beautiful family & beautiful design. I love it all!

  3. Ack, this is so cute! I shared a room with my sister and have such great memories, can't imagine 5x those memories! So sweet.

  4. I love this! Your room - and the kids in it :) - are beautiful! And just to say, I have the same problem in blogging - what is quaint and interesting about living here, and what is just not worth sharing? Sometimes I can't remember anymore.