23 March 2013

Day 15 without Daddy...the Upside

The man of this house is in the US of A at this moment and he has been for over 2 weeks. 
Last minute loaves of bread, grocery shopping, killing roaches, fixing dinner, growing a baby, and remembering to fill up the gas tank are all tasks that are SO much easier with my hubs around.
Suction cups for birdseed holders. Hook direction is a hard concept to grasp.
 Y'all didn't judge me did you? When you came to the blog (thanks!) and saw that same video from 2 weeks ago? I didn't think so.

We are actually fairing pretty well. Anthony is home taking care of stuff with family that can only be taken care of in person.

Side note: I've actually had a couple of you ask if he was home doing something related to adoption. That's not the case, but I find it so incredibly pleasant that that's the kind of thing you all have come to expect from us.
Our bird holding the "bird pellets." We searched 4 different pet stores and this was the ONLY kind of bird food we could find. No bueno.
 Part of our success in surviving without Daddy is that friends have felt pity, stepped up their game, and been so helpful. And by "helpful" I mean "free maternity clothes," "come play in the exclusive pool in our neighborhood that you can't get into without an invite," and "homemade lasagna." Yeah. Y'all are even starting to get jealous aren't you?

See? Hooks. They're tricky.
Isn't it nice to be cared for by others? Its such an encouragement and a boost. My Love being halfway around the world from me is the pits. But, man oh man, to feel the love coming from friends and neighbors turns that right around. I give all glory to God for being our provider. We never go without and always have so much to be thankful for, these last days have revealed an even greater depth in his care.

For instance: my friend Anna, who lives in another country mind you and has 5 children of her own, visited with us over Chinese New Year.  She apparently picked up on the fact that we order Dominoe's online to have it delivered. I kid you not folks, she wouldn't take no for answer, home girl is planning to order Dominoe's for us on Tuesday and have it delivered. (is this thing on?) SHE LIVES IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!  Glory be. We are so blessed in our friends.
My friend Anna with her hubs. Us all on a uber-romantic Valentines Day dinner.
So we are surviving, even thriving. Giving in and receiving the blessing of others' help sometimes makes me feel weak, or needy...at least beforehand it does. "I can do it!" says the American in me. But when I don't have to do a thing in the kitchen and then dole out a homemade lasagna for my family, it's not weakness or neediness I feel. It's gratefulness, humility, and encouragement.

So when things don't work out- like our birdfeeders or the washer repair man never calling, or me most likely losing my phone by it falling into a pond- it's not the end of the world. We'll just regroup, move the feeders so the cats can't get to them, then add "birdSEED" to Daddy's ever-growing Target/Walmart list, self-balance the load in the wash so it doesn't rock and roll through the spin cycle, and use Daddy's phone 'til I get the energy to go buy another one and somehow communicate to all my friends here my new number. 
Hooks facing correct direction, and now some little bird pellets for the stray cats in the neighborhood.
There is so much for which to be grateful. Have you looked today? Maybe you're gonna be the lasagna maker today and not the lasagna receiver. But there's blessing in both (it's why when I finally gave in to my friend wanting to order pizza her response was "Good! Consider it done!") I hope no matter your circumstances today that you search for the blessing of gifts given or the blessing of opportunities to bless and that you choose to let THAT be what you think of when people say, "So...how's it going without your husband there?"

Gotta go for now, the washer load is off-balance. Make it a good one today, mmmkay?

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  1. I have a friend that the pizza or Chinese delivery is her way of taking care of others in far-off cities who need it. I've been on the receiving end of that, and I was so thankful! (She lives in Dallas, I live in Houston) We rarely order pizza, so it felt luxurious. :) And I thought it was so thoughtful!