11 March 2013

Yes, this was planned.

a Day at the Waterfall from Anthony Rivers on Vimeo.

The question we've gotten most so far is, "Was this planned?"
"Yes." is my answer.
It has apparently been planned by God since the foundation of the world. Looking at it like that makes it easier for us to grasp the idea of another precious soul in our care. Another little person. We opened our hearts to this plan about 2 weeks or so before the Lord revealed that he was POSITIVE this was his plan. We were willing, the Lord was able and willing. Now "i4" is on the way! We know exactly what causes it ;) and are rejoicing over this little life as much as we did when we found out "i1" (aka- Isaac) was on the way. We are STILL planning to adopt in 2014.

So, for the next couple years you may find me under what seems like a pile of diapers, but I will probably be able to give a good argument that I'm actually under a pile of blessings. Children are loud (mine in particular), they're messy, they smell, they cry, they laugh, they're cute, they make us laugh, they're full of potential, they're picky eaters, they require a great deal of energy and time, but they are most definitely a gift, a heritage, a great big blessing from the Lord!


  1. Congratulations!!! I am so excited to hear your news and what a creative way to tell everyone:)) Love, Andrea

  2. I was waiting for this video to make it's way onto your blog. :-) It is by far one of the best "we're pregnant" announcements ever. Your husband is super talented!

    Hooray, hooray, hooray for i4!!! We're rejoicing with you in God's plans for your family! So fun that we're pregnant together. I think when our little miss (still as yet unnamed) is born, you should be somewhere around 20 weeks. I'd offer to send you my maternity clothes, but our climates don't match up at all. ;-)

    Sometimes I think it would be easier to choose a name for our little one if we narrowed our choices to a first letter... on the other hand, perhaps by now you've run out of your favorite I names? I glanced through a baby list and found Ian - which means God is gracious or God's gracious gift. Love it. The girl version that means the same is Ivana - a common Czech name! - that's pronounced with a long e and usually shortened to Iva. Ilse / Ilsa (a German shortened version of Elizabeth - which means consecrated to God) is also super cute. I think it's so fun that you get to name another little Rivers... now if only we could think of a name for baby Bradley.

  3. The video quality was AWESOME! What kind of camera did you use?? :)

  4. I have been searching for your new blog site, and finally found it after some heavy fb stalking. I'm not too proud to admit it. Such a fun surprise to read THIS when I finally found your new blog!! Ahhh!! Sometimes I think a surprise would be fun. :) So happy for y'all!