08 September 2013

How to turn 4. Featuring Isaiah.

First, start the birthday weekend early.  Be the first one to have a birthday in your brand new class at your brand new school. You get a poster and a huge crown and people sing to you. Even if you're super shy, you will still think this is awesome.
On your birthday morning (though you may still have little interest in eating any kind of breakfast) have the standard hard-boiled egg, but have it on the "Special Rivers of the Day" plate and rock that sleepy face like it's your birthday.

Check in on Lego-cake and cupcake making in the kitchen. As Mama may, in fact, need you to lick some icing out of a bowl she's finished with. And since you're four and all,  no one will notice (right?) if you stick your finger in some icing that's already on a cupcake.
(at some point your little sister will notice that the cake is on the table and you are sitting watching Disney Jr and not noticing.  Just because she's only 1 and you're 4, doesn't mean she should be ignored. It IS cake. She has a point.
Next, don your crown.  Once friends arrive choose "Open peasants" over "Eat cake and ice-keem" to kick off the birthday fun.
...ask your Daddy to take a picture of you with your sword. He'll realize a smile on your face and a request like this from you means you're really really excited about that sword. He will gladly comply.
Everyone in the photo could've benefited from the knowledge that your 1 year old sister was in sole possession of and said "CHEESE!" appropriately.  How was she the only one who noticed your Daddy taking this?
After that, check and make sure you are bigger today.
Confirm the results.
This may be a no brainer, but next, go to Legoland.
Live up the chance to choose what YOU want to do at the park. As a 4 year old in a (growing ever) large family, the specialness of that opportunity won't be lost on you.
...make sure that some of those ride and attraction choices make your Mama's heart turn to pure goo.
Like this here...you can't see it, but your Mama's feet are becoming goo as quickly as you're throwing out that peace sign. You ARE in Asia. It is ALWAYS called for.

Next choose an age-appropriate place for dinner. Pizza? Of COURSE you pick pizza! You are 4 and there are only a couple of options. (and the other McOption was acquired through the drive-thru and eaten on the way to Legoland for lunch)
And lastly, if you were born a car-baby, continue that tradition. Even as a 4 year old your parents will still think its photo-worthy.

Happy Birthday Zayah! You rock Mr. Four Years Old!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday Mr. Isaiah! You really know how to party. :)
    And your Mom's pregnant belly sure is cute. Miss you guys.

  2. Such a handsome four-year-old!! So glad he had a great birthday! Surely one to remember!! And love love love that your belly is in these shots too. Love all of you!!

  3. Haven't seen you guys forever! We should hang out! Don't worry - I won't cry too much =)

  4. Happy Birthday Isaiah! This was such a fun post to read. :) And that birthday boy is SERIOUSLY a cutie! Love, love the picture of him smiling with his sword. And I love that the baby bump made it into multiple photos. ;)