03 September 2013

The Rivers Boys Start School

Isaac is in Kindergarten 2. (translated into American = K5)
Isaiah is in Nursery. (which I think might be the British term for "preschool at 3 years old")

It is a brand new school. As in, parts of it are still under construction. It's an "International School." Which basically is like a private school, but since there really isn't an option for local schooling and homeschooling gives me the hives and my children the spankings, this is the route we've chosen.

2 days under our belts and I think it's gonna be a good year.

I would write more but this new routine has worn me out as much as it has our boys (or is that the 36 weeks pregnant thing?) so for now you get pictures. More later on International Schools, Third Culture Kids, and such.

For now, please enjoy this photo representation of us entering a whole new phase of our parenting...

...aka- "school aged kids."

And yes, I realize only Isaac fits this category, but both my baby boys are now away from me during the day, so Zayby-baby will get equal picture time because it's his first time at preschool AND because he's adorable...

See ya next year Summer Hair.  Or rather in like 2 months because who has time to keep up with hair cuts AND it's always summer here (so summer hair always has a place).
Numero Uno.  Depending on the type of degree he wants to get this could be the first day of like 20 years of school. Bleh! Who is glad they're done with school!?! (me!)
Nombor Dua loves mousse. (and his curls love it too)

It was really quite comical getting them to understand their "signs" and to hold them correctly AND smile (See Top Photo for the only one)

The first of many drives to school.
Birdie was there too.
He has his moments! I was actually trying to get a shot of Singapore out his window (which we get a view of on the drive) but that car was ill-timed and Mr. Kingston made it WAY better with his expression anyway!
In class. Totally an oldest child!
His, "I'm excited but I'm shy..." face...
Home Bird was NOT happy that her boys went into their classrooms and didn't come out again (or that she didn't get to follow)
...but she cheered up when the "Lions" came to do the Lion Dance.
Lion Dance
My Kindergartner thinking its the most normal thing in the world to have a Lion Dance on the first day of school. I wonder if his Japanese friend there thinks the same thing?
When construction is done the school will be huge!
So even though Immanuelle kept asking, "Where Isaac? Where Isa-ah?" in the car, she was pretty ok with having all of Daddy and Mama's attention for the rest of the morning. Including finding brother's sign and posing with it going to the Kopitiam (Chinese Coffee Shop of sorts). SHE knew what to do with the sign!
No follow-up pics, but here's an "after" shot of Isaiah. He loves his teacher and his "-cool" (we're working on "S's")
We're excited about the "Cool-year!"


  1. love them. and love you and your courage to send them away from you during the day. hope it's a great Cool year too!!
    also...I want to squish her!! Mail her to me so I can get some Aunt April time!!

  2. Such big boys! I absolutely love the before and after haircuts and of course birdie got the sign right...I bet she felt like hot stuff after watching the boys have their picture taken with them and finally getting her turn (I love all her facial expressions). Love, Grandma

  3. Highlights for Aunt Gigi: Zay's fro (still waiting on its very own blog post). Isaac brushing his teeth (does my heart good). Bird's love for her brother's. And last, but CERTAINLY NOT least: Mama's HOT baby bump/i4!!

  4. Reading these comments makes me realize I'm not the only one who thinks there is just. so. much. to. love. about this post.

    Love Zay's fro. Love it. And his "shy but excited" face.
    Love Miss Immanuelle's cuteness.
    Love seeing your biggest boy getting dressed. The picture on the bottom left reminds me of one of his baby pictures. :)
    Love, love your cute belly... and that super cute shirt!

    1. The fro is pretty awesome, huh?
      Its funny the reason I put that pic of Isaac was because we thought the same thing. Of all 3, he looks the least like his baby pics, but in that one you can tell they're the same kid!