30 September 2013

October, baby.

And what we're gonna do here is just ignore the fact that we have no way of posting "real" pics on the blog and so what you see here is iPad pics of actual photos. (see last post if you start feeling dizzy from the unfocusedness of these) This was me at the famous twin towers in the fair capital city of Kuala Lumpur where I plan to deliver i4. I promise that's me.

It's due date time people.

The other two times I've reached this momentous day and was still pregnant, I pouted. Like, full-on attitude, snippy with my husband, woe-is-me, pout.

Back in '08, with Isaac, I stayed inside all day. Anthony and my mom went to the mall and I refused to go. I'm quite sure it was on the logical and non-emotional grounds of, "This baby is neeevvveeeer coming. I've already walked the malls. It doesn't work. I'm staying home." Clearly. I was thinking straight.

Then with Immanuelle in 2011, things improved a bit and I got out of the house.  We went to see a huge Hindu shrine because my parents were visiting and they had never been to it.  Heck, I even climbed all 272 stairs and put on quite the upbeat face...despite "ALLLLL my other pregnant friends ALREADY having their babies and NONE of them having to wait the full 40 weeks!"And here, copied directly from facebook, is the photo from 2011 at said shrine... (my hair is longer)
And now here it is AGAIN.

I think I passed.  The only people who acted like children were my children. No pouting, no woe-is-me-ing...even on the inside. Scouts honor, y'all.

So even though I've dodged the wrench of whining drama,  I still say it's slightly annoying to watch your due date come and go. They don't call pregnancy "expecting" for no reason.  And then 9 months ago, what was the first thing determined that set up all these expectations? "What's the due date?"

But as my good friend April reminded me. "Due dates are fake."

I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down friend. Buyin' it hook, line, and sinker.  Totally fake.

So in the spirit of trying to completely ignore that September 30th is here and is rolling right on by leaving me pregnant, like it wasn't supposed to be significant or something... for lack of photos, here's some of the thoughts I've been thinking while we wait for WHATEVER day i4 is destined to be born (FYI- I only partially blame all y'all who voted for an October baby in the last post. I DID give that option and how did you know you were tempting fate??)

* I'm thankful for yet another healthy pregnancy and am completely astounded at such a gift when such a thing is guaranteed to no one.

* I will write a C-section vs. Natural vs. Adoption post at some point... though mostly I'm curious to see how this birth turns out, first.

* I'm really glad we didn't find out gender this time. It almost makes waiting for the due date diminished and less miserable because the surprise of gender is the "bigger" unknown ahead of us.

* My children can destroy a new pack of crayons in record time. 2 brand new packs have been whittled to tiny paperless nubbins in what seems like hours. I am SO glad I have them with me to help pass the time.

* I wonder why I didn't get any of my mom's Teacher-skills. I mean, I get that not everything can be DNA-passed-down, but you'd think being raised by a teacher would have some sort of osmosis-y benefits. I'd get hives just walking past the Education building at UNF.  She plays with the grands and teaches them the whole time. She's gotten Isaiah to go under water with her- which is impressive in itself and even more so when compared to my epic-mom-fail attempt(s) at teaching them to swim. She fields all of Isaac's math equation questions (he does them all in his head!) and grabs those nubby crayons and draws a vase of flowers for him to try and draw himself. She's even got him to say his "TH" sound correctly.  It's a skill to behold!

* My husband is the kind of man who is easy to love.  He serves and loves me and our children with such steadiness and patience and joy.  Back rubs, foot rubs, trips down to the grocery store, pushing the stroller on walks on the the uneven sidewalks (instead of driving the car) so his pregnant wife can "walk" and get the baby out, going back up to the room just because I really want fancy-schmancy camera pics of my kids in the pool, etc etc.  He really takes the edge off the wait for i4. (him mostly, but also the Dr. Pepper he brings back from the grocery store across from the hotel)

*  Old Wives should not be believed, ok?  I have scrubbed the shower (in our hotel, totally serious), cleaned the windows, walked, squatted, ate and drank things, and followed doctor's orders to (lets keep things PG ok?) "Do what what got you into pregnancy to get you out of it." Maybe those tales are good at getting stains out of clothes or other such handy advice, but babies just show up when they darn well please! But you guys are more than welcome to leave whatever advice you've heard and if it's reasonable, I'll try it! Though I'm not paying import prices for castor oil.
17 floors up (there's a balcony you can't see, promise)
*  I can't wait to meet i4!


  1. I LOVE the jumping pictures!!
    I voted for October (but I didn't want October for you :) haha!)
    Come on out baby!!!!
    Should I sing the "Baby Come Out" song for you?

    1. I've thought of you when I jumped both times! Haha! And Emily sang the baby come out song to Immanuelle and she still stayed put for a few more days...but maybe bc you're in a closer time zone it'll be more effective?! These Rivers babies are resilient!

  2. Well now that you are here almost to October ~ you can just hold out a few days and share a birthday with my darling Alexa if you want on the 3rd or me on the 4th! Either date is an awesome day! :)

  3. I could tell you were at peace Sharon...I felt it in my bones lol! Not to say you must be absolutely dying to deliver. It must be the been there, done that and baby 's gonna come when baby's gonna come knowledge ( and the fact that you look absolutely awesome for full term). I wish I had some tips for you but it seems you are doing all the right things already. I'm like you....so excited to know if its a boy or a girl. And of course, I pray for an easy delivery for you and health. Love you....and did I say I'm so excited

  4. Just so you know, you can get castor oil really cheap here...at the Indian import store. Not sure you would actually want to take it, but it's not expensive. :) You're welcome! Ha!

  5. I loved this post... and am oh-so-happy that you posted again... though I'd also be oh-so-happy to see i4s sweet face in the next post. :-) Am happy for you that you're okay with the waiting. And am hoping and praying that you won't be waiting too much longer!

  6. I swear by walking up a ton of flights of stairs. There's something different about walking upstairs and the way it makes your pelvic bone tilt. Both of my girls came the day after walking up 18 flights of stairs.

    ...but I also REALLY truly know babies are created by God and so of course also come on His time. :) I can't WAIT to hear the news that i4 is here!!

  7. oh dear friend, you make pregnancy look so great...maybe that's why the Lord lets you be preggers for just a tad longer. On pins and needles and thinking of you constantly. Can't wait to hear about this little one and when he/she will be here!!
    yes...a tad disappointed that the 30th came and went with nary a contraction...a shared birthday between our littles would have been fun and surely one more reason to vacation together! but alas, October is a great month too.
    (and any word as to the push prize this time around?!?! a tad excited to hear about that as well! :)