05 November 2013

...and just like that...

Our big boy is even bigger...
It started about a week ago, but he left it alone...or at least didn't talk about it much.
This morning, before playing checkers with him, I was reminded (repeatedly) that it was snacktime.
In an act of health, I reached for the apples.
Then in an act of lazy to help them develop good life skills, I handed the apples to them whole, instead of slicing them.
Two bites in and there was some pain, some blood, some crying, and a very very loose tooth.
I was all, "Cool buddy! Ya gotta go see it in the mirror! It's just hanging there!"
and Isaac was all, "But it HURTS! I don't want it to hurt!"

I knew the mirror would work.  Its fascinating to see all that "gore." A tooth laying horizontal in your mouth, slightly bloody?? That's the stuff childhood is made of, y'all.

I called him back to the game of checkers, but before he could even get down the stairs, he reached in, pulled, and out it came.

"The Re-enactment"
"YAY!!"s and high-5's were passed out and Isaac immediately started talking about how his friends at school were gonna think it was soooo cool.

Anthony and I had a real quick discussion on what we were gonna do about the tooth fairy.
"Just like Santa?"  "We'll tell him its us, but say it's the tooth fairy." 
They play along anyway...especially when presents and/or money under your pillow is involved.

So now, all of the sudden I have a big boy AND a sewing project today. A cute "tooth holder" pillow thing is what I'm imagining.  I'm sure the newborn, the toddler, the preschooler, and the big boy are gonna give me LOADS of time for that today.
...and though none of you know this, I may or may not have been complaining about yet another 2 days of school holidays.  And now, I take it all back. I would have been such a sad spider had my first born lost his first tooth at school!

Hope your Tuesday is just as exciting!

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