03 November 2013

Ivy- 1 month

Our sweet Ivy has been growing for a whole month now. She has the chubbiest, kiss-y-est cheeks...which is sorta the same as being kissable, but different in that they're kissy.
She's hit or miss on whether she sleeps "great" at night. But she rocks those daytime naps, so I've caught a few Zzz's when I can then.  Overall she is a wonderful little newborn and we have nothing to complain about our first month together.
Here she is with her little lamb...seeing as how her middle name, Rachel, means "lamb" we thought it appropriate for her monthly photos.  Though according to Isaiah, it looks like a sheep. "A lamb??? Mama, it wooks like a seep."  Indeed it does, son.
She went to church today for the first time and was an absolute angel through the whole service...that'll happen every time, right?
I'd write more, but seeing as how she IS a newborn and I'm still getting some pretty interrupted nights of sleep, I'll go and leave you to comment.
**If you have any suggestions on how to get a breast-fed baby to take a bottle, I'd love to hear!**


  1. Have you attempted giving her a bottle & she's refusing? We just tried straight off the bat with Shep (so mama & daddy could have a date before Papa & KK left!) and he took it just fine. Once she's used to it, I'd suggest giving her a bottle once a day so she's good and accustomed to it. If she starts off well and then you don't do a bottle for a couple of weeks, she will likely have a difficult time readjusting to it. Consistency is key! Another tip would be to start off nursing for a couple of minutes (so she's not ravenous and/or easily frustrated) and then switch to the bottle mid-feeding. Once she's done with the bottle, finish up by pumping what is left. Good luck!

  2. My girls didn't latch well until about a month into nursing, so bottle feeding wasn't an issue, so...no help from me. Except to say - such a cute heavy-headed little baby, and it's already been a month?!

  3. Oh my goodness she is such a kissy baby! Wish I could hold and kiss those sweet cheeks for sure. And I can't believe it's been a month already!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, WHAT? You went and had a baby?
    Could I BE more behind?
    She is precious and I love her name.
    Maybe since I'm, uh, almost 3 months late, her sleeping has regulated a bit?

    ps - I like your succulents, too. But not as much as your Ivy.