14 November 2013


Remember these that my husband picked up for me in the Cameron Highlands?

Well, the other day at Tesco they had 3 miniature ones for $1US/piece (RM3 for my Malaysians) and in the clearance of their home decor section they had a bright red, square-shaped, shallow bowl.

It was gold flecked on the outside, and the red bowl told me it would be perfect on my counter top through normal days AND holidays.

I agreed.
So we all went home together.
I assembled them all, added a few smooth rocks from our "atrium" and I am quite pleased with how it all turned out.

I have to move this thing a lot because the best place I could find for it was in the kitchen.

It sits on my oven's lid. Yes, American friends, my oven/stove-top has a lid. And seeing as how I use my stovetop for things like cooking and Anthony uses it for coffee, it gets moved off it's perch several times a day.

But so far it's behaved and I think it might be growing. The boys have done remarkably well not pulling the leaves off the "jellybean" one.  At least, I think that light green one is called a Jellybean. Not 100% though as I'm new to succulents.

BUT, I've only watered it once like a good girl and am genuinely looking forward to December 1st to get to water it again.

And there's a little piece of my East-Side-of-the-Mississippi humid heart that has now made peace with the Southwest United States and all its dryness and desert-ness. I've never been fond of cacti, or the 90's "Southwest" color schemes and prints, but this little container garden is working its magic.

Did you know, apparently all cacti are succulents, but not every succulent is a cactus?
Me either. Do with that what you will.

As for me, I'm gonna go do something crafty that has nothing to do with watering or maintaining the succulents as they are touted to be ultra-low-maintenence.

Fingers crossed!


  1. I absolutely love how succulents look…and yours in that red bowl (oh I do have a thing for red) look amazing! I've contemplated succulents several times myself, though I still think I'd somehow find a way to kill them. Keep us informed on how it goes!

  2. I'm not quite sure I understand the lid on the oven thing. And I lived overseas, so that's saying something right?

    1. Its like the stove top has a big cover...but on hinges. So when I open it, it's kinda like I get a backsplash for it.